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Carpe Mañana
Tuesday, February 26, 2002
Want to find out how much you don't know about me? Take a test here to find out.
Thanks to Jonathan for the link...


Well, David (Scally) arrived last Thursday night. I picked him up at the airport in Newark and came back here for some sleep as it was late. It is nice to see him even though I haven't really known him that long. Friday night we went to this party called the Chili Wing Ding. It started with a trip down to what I now call ChibecaHOOOlita (stan) where my friends Darrel and Denis were having a pre party drink thing. Joe and Jerry were there already when David and I showed up. We sat and chatted for a while. David got to get to know a little about everyone before being thrust into a full blown New York social event. The party turned out to be fantastic. It was thrown by a friend of Darrel and Denis who owns a catering company in my neighborhood. The food was incredible...they had an open bar all night...there was a desert table (I was later told they had Rice Krispie Treats, I can't believe I missed them!) The music was also wonderful. Turns out that Steve Travolta was the dj. He did an excellent job! I talked to him for a few minutes and I was pleased that he remembered me. We had met a few years ago through friends. He is a very nice guy. It was probably the best party/event I have been to in a very long time. Beautiful men were in abundance. I loved it. David had a nice time too but was suffering a little from the jet lag.
I convinced David to travel down to Asbury Park NJ with me to go gay bowling and out to Paradise with Darrel, Denis and Joe. David was a little more than skepitcal about the whole thing and I think a little bewildered as to why he would travel 3500 miles to NYC and then spend it in Buttf*ck, NJ. Well, in the end I think he had a fantastic time. Bowling was a hoot. Paradise was a hoot. Hanging out with the Jersey boys was so much fun. We came back on Sunday and had a quiet evening with a light meal at the Film Center Cafe. I think in some ways it was strange for David. He was in the heart of America...not an urban area but very suburban. There were thousands of jokes told that might not have made much sense to him without the full understanding of our cultural references...but he is an intelligent and outgoing guy so I think all in all it was a positive, uniquely American experience that he enjoyed afterall. I had a great time and I was glad that he was there to experience it with me.


Sunday, February 24, 2002
Thanks to the crafty insights of my dear fellow blogger (and current house guest) Scally my opening error message is gone and my archives ARE BACK! So, as some of you have requested, you are now able to look back over the past year of my blogging antics and read until your eyeballs are sore! Hurrah!


Tuesday, February 19, 2002
Never went to the modeling thing...I think I psyched myself out. Too old for that. Not perfect enough to hold up to all the scrutiny. I went instead to visit my friends down in Asbury Park NJ and had a fantastic weekend of sleeping, eating and laughing hysterically until 6 am about things such as "I'm thinking....(long pause). And now I'm speaking." A new product I made up for those trailer park residents who can't wait for their new curtains to get that tobacco stained look...called CurStains! Etc. It goes on. Definitely things that are only funny while you are peeing yourself laughing...oh and after you smoked a little pot for the first time in about 5 years. Well since Thursday.


Thursday, February 14, 2002
Sometimes being a whore pays off!

In a strange turn of AOL events, my face pic was forwarded by someone I was courting (*ahem*) on AOL to one of his friends who is a modeling agent (I don't know how true this is...could be a marketing lie). However, she contacted me this morning via e-mail. After the initial contact, several back and forth e-mails ensued.
Response..."I'm 6 ft. Does that meet the requirement?"
Me..."Sure. I've got nothing to lose. Send the details."

Exciting? Maybe.
Strange? Definitely.

One question. What is an open call? Is that a sex thing?


Happy(?) Valentine's Day

Since I am basically single...I said basically...I don't love Valentine's Day. It makes me think of all my ex's...not pleasant. Well, some of the memories are very pleasant. But not all. Sooooo...since I am living in an retro-80's vortex of my own creation lately...I thought I could best describe my feelings on this holiday through the lyrics of a song from that decade (with commentary)! To all of my ex-boyfriends, some of whom broke my heart.

Look of Love

If I were to say to you
*Can you keep a secret*
Would you know just what to do?
or where to keep it?

When I say I love you
Fouler (?) situation
Hey girl, I thought we were the right com-bi-nation

(Chorus follows)
Who broke my heart?
You did! You did!
Bow to the target
blame Cupid Cupid
You think you're smart
Stupid Stupid
Shoot that poison arrow through my heart!
Shoot that poison arrow...
Shoot that poison arrow through my heart!
Shoot that poison arrow...

No rhythm in cymbals
No tempo in drums.
Love on arrival
She comes when she comes
(or is it She cums when she comes???)
Right on the target but wide of the mark
What I thought was fire
was only the spark

The sweetest mel-o-dy,
is a one word refrain...
So lower your sites
Yeah, but raise your aim!
Raise your aim!


(Male spoken) I thought you loved me, but it seems you don't care....
(Female favorite line) I care enough to know I can never love you...

Who broke my heart?
You did! You did!
Bow to the target...Blame Cupid
You think you're smart,
That's stupid!
Right from the start
When you knew we would part

Shoot that poison arrow through my heart!
Shoot that poison arrow...
Shoot that poison arrow to my heart, heart, heart
Shoot that poison arrow...

Shoot that poison arrow
Shoot that poison arrow!


Wednesday, February 13, 2002
Okay. I'm still unemployed. So I've been spending time trying to get my apartment in order. It keeps me busy. This weeks project is a new filing cabinet. I have a desk, but it has become full of papers and files. So, I bought a kind of funky three drawer cabinet so that I could organize everything in one place and free up some room in my desk. Can I tell you, I have so many little bit of paper, notes, old bills, statements, letters, legal papers, tax info and so on that I am in disbelief. Don't I throw anything away? I have cards from 1988...I have receipts from 1984! What a pack rat. The worst thing is, the moving of all of these papers to the new central filing area had created a much larger mess than I had anticipated. This will not be a 3 hour job as I had might actually be three days. At least I have something to do.

In other news...Me, New York and a Fifth Floor Walkup is one year old today! My baby's growing up. Who knew it would last this long! In the next few weeks, I'm going to try to make some bringing back my archives, comments and site meter. Hopefully I can figure all the technicalities out. In the meantime, if you read my blog...I'd like to hear from you. Send me an e-mail if you feel so inclined.

Blog History Flashback...2/13/2001
Thanks to my friend David Boyes, I have discovered the world of blogging. His posts have provided me with hours (well okay, minutes) of entertainment. Believe me, in entertainment-starved New York, this is a God-send.

Yesterday being my 35th birthday, I figure maybe it's time to keep track of it all. I'm not very good at keeping up with things, so we'll see. Had a little soiree at a new, semi-sterile bar called Barrage on Saturday night to celebrate the fact that I am skidding toward the grave at an accelerating rate. Actually had lots of fun. Didn't buy a single drink for myself all night but still managed to get so obliterated that I almost couldn't make the climb up the stairs to my apartment. A successful evening by all accounts. Went to a play last night, "End of the World Party" about boys on Fire Island. Provoked some great memories! Ended up back at Barrage for drinks (on a Monday, jeez) and feeling slightly furry in the mouth today.


Tuesday, February 12, 2002
By the way...presents. I love presents but this year I'll just accept donations:
Oral Sex Donations Accepted


Boys and Girls, today is my birthday. Is that significant? I don't know. It is my 36th...not a milestone but certainly a reminder of how time is flying by. I thought I would have made something of myself by now. But I guess I get to still look forward to my fame and fortune. I have gotten birthday greetings from all over...Mom and Dad, David, Donna, Darrel and Dennis, Kenneth, Alfredo, Ed, Alexandra, Nick, Ameet, Joe, Davie B, and a few more that I'm sure I missed. It has cheered me up considerably, being unemployed and low on cash on your birthday is not the perfect situation. I did get a lovely arrangement of flowers from a very sweet guy who shall remain nameless for now. I did spend a weekend in the country (well, suburbs by the sea) this weekend with a two guys who are becoming good friends. So, I have to say that I am really lucky to have so many good people in my life who I genuinely care about and who care about me. My 35th year was really wonderful until the layoff. Now I just need to get back on my feet and make the 36th even better.


Thursday, February 07, 2002
It was a Saturday evening. Dave, Hugh and I were in the Lincoln Navigator somewhere in Virginia. David and Anna had run into the store to buy flowers because, well, the plant we saw at the last grocery store wasn't good enough! But it all worked out because we got to witness Stanley, his flatbed truck and Big Red. Big red was a four door pickup truck driven by this "biker" type chick with frosted bangs and shoulder length hair. Her truck was apparently on the fritz. Stanely had come to her rescue. It was my fantasy that "Big Red" had faked the breakdown so that Stanely, in his biker dude/plumber/construction worker way would come down to help her and she could ask him on a date. The call went something like this:
"Stanely's Flatbed."
"Can you come and get my engine to turn over?"
"I'd be glad to little lady, where you at?"
"In the Food King parkin' lot, please hurry the cold isn't good for my frosted bangs."
He started the truck right away...there was no need for the flatbed. Big Red didn't get a date but it was really interesting to watch. At one point a woman had come out and put her trunk up to load with groceries. We all started screaming because she was blocking the view. It was like someone getting up in the middle of a movie to get popcorn. "Hey! Down in front!"
There isn't much to do in rural Virginia.


Well, my blog will be one year old on the 13th...I'll be 36 on the 12th. February is an eventful month for me. This past weekend I went to DC and met up with Scally! What fun we had. But more on all of that later. Jury Duty has been keeping me busy this week. At $40 a day, I'm now up to $200...nice part time job. Can't wait to pass verdict and tell you all about it.


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