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Carpe Mañana
Saturday, August 31, 2002
I got the following comment in my comments box from Thursday. It is either a joke and hysterically funny...or whoever wrote it was serious, in which case, it is very, very sad. I hope it's a joke. Ready?

H sexy fuck woman at home. Pls If do you want to feel fuck email for me. I can go to fuck for your home, Pls you will pay me thnaks


Thursday, August 29, 2002
Heute regnet's ganzen Tag.

Here in the northeast we can't really complain about the weather we've had this has been flawless albeit a little short on the rain and hot, at least in New York and points south. So I shouldn't really complain that it is pouring today. But it is the kind of rain that causes the gutters to flood and the sewers to back up. In a word, lots. They said that by 8 am we had already had an inch of rain in Central Park. Considering that we had only slightly above an inch for the entire month thus far, that's impressive. Apparently we will be getting about 3-5 inches. I hate rain. Here is the part to complain about though. This is the Labor Day weekend. I have Monday off. The forecast? Today: Rain Friday: Rain Saturday: Rain Sunday: Rain Monday: Rain/clearing. Looks like a literal washout. Fall Cleaning anyone?


Monday, August 26, 2002
So Saturday afternoon found me wandering through NYC on a cloudy afternoon that was threatening rain. I was with Joe (yum) who is visiting me from Virginia and we decided to stop at EasyEverything on 42nd Street to check email since my computer shit the bed on Thursday and won't even pretend to start up now. As we were jostled down the street by the never ending parade of tourists, I noticed the marquee at B.B. King's House of Blues announcing that the Village People would be performing that very evening. We crossed the street and bought tickets. It was a must. The show was at 10:30 and I was looking forward to it.
Went to EasyEverything...then to lunch at Film Center Cafe on 9th Ave which is really quite good. Joe told me that that was one of the largest burgers he had ever had, surprising considering that he grew up in the mid-west (did I mention "yum"?). During lunch, Joe asked me if the NYC Subway system went above ground at any point, I said that it did and would he like to see it. He said yes. We ended up in Brooklyn at the Smith/9th Street Station as the afternoon turned rainy. The view, normally spectacular, was clouded over. Because of that, it wasn't really that obvious that the WTC was missing.

We walked by my old apartment and then up Court Street and over to Smith Street. Joe noticed that there are an unusually large number of "Beauty Salons" in Carroll Gardens. I had never noticed it myself but once he pointed it out, the shear number of them seemed borderline bizarre. We made it to a place called "That Bar" which was chic and sleek...not like the Smith Street I remember from 5 or 6 years ago. We had decent drinks and my friend John joined us. It was a nice way to spend a drizzly afternoon.

Well, the main event began actually promptly at 10:30. I was really impressed by the space, very plush and very few obstructed views. It is set up in a dinner club manner, much like The Tropicana from the I Love Lucy show. The Village People came out and I fell into a state of disbelief and mild amusement. They were giving you the 70's. They did a medley called "Trash Disco" that was very "Stars on 45". At one point they did "Mighty Real" by Sylvester and then an interpretive rendition of "Obsession" by Animotion...a definite highpoint of the show. While singing "In the Navy", two actual seamen from the real US Navy jumped up on stage and proceeded to make fools of themselves. I don't know why they were there, but if anyone asks, I won't tell! We learned how to "properly" do the YMCA dance and were asked to share the wealth with others at our next "bar mitzvah and/or wedding"...exact words. The leatherman was a replacement since the original guy has passed away (unfortunately I can't remember his name). The replacement guy was a little younger than the rest and actually quite sexy when he got down to the leather vest alone portion of the costume changes. Nice dark hairy chest and belly. Speaking of bellies...all of the guys had ample waists except for the Native American guy who looked absolutely fantastic even if some of his costumes and head dresses were a little over the top. Joe and I could not keep our eyes off off the over acting construction was too much like a car accident. Highlight of the show...when the construction worker said, "Come on out here Leather Spice..." I love cross-generational pop self ingestion...

The rest of the night was spent at Hell. Lots of friends to hang with and introduce Joe to. Overall, quite a nice night.


Saturday, August 24, 2002

kind of LJer are you?


Friday, August 23, 2002
You know what? Boo-fucking-hoo. I need to stop whining. I have a fantastic life. I have great friends. I am healthy and in the best shape I have been in for a long time. I enjoy my family. I have a brain in my head so what is with all the doom and gloom? I'm changing that starting...NOW.


Why do we feel tied to a place? What is it about where we live that keeps us there? I guess that once you feel established with friends, a place to live, and a job it's hard to find reasons to change what you have. But when you lose your job and you find yourself in a position that you are scraping to get by and you fear that the next month will be the month that you just can't come up with rent, you start asking big questions. The biggest being, "Why do I stay here?"

I had planned to move to Edison at the beginning of September but it looks like that won't be happening right now for reasons that are completely understandable. It leaves me in an awkward postion, however, because I already have people looking at my place to sublet it.

Speaking to Scally yesterday made me think about a lot of things. He offered to let me come to London and stay with him for a short while. Why not? I have a little cash, I can sublet my place to cover the other expenses. It isn't like there is truly anything keeping me in New York except myself. My good friend Julie also lives in London. If Scally tires of me, I can crash with her. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Thursday, August 22, 2002
Calgon. Take me away.


Wednesday, August 21, 2002
I have this annoying headache. Really annoying. Like two days annoying. I have taken Advil and Motrin and I even went to bed at a decent hour last night to try and get rid of it but afflicts me still. I thought the gym might help so I went last night and did the "light days" routine. I actually felt stronger than usual so I ended up doing more weights and exercises than normal for a light day...that elated me a bit. But today, well, the headache. I get migraines which are a hurricane in your brain. This headache is more of a day-long light drizzle. It's something I can bear but I would like it to go away.

So more news. I didn't blog about the fact that I didn't get the job that I interviewed for. It was sad because it would have afforded me the chance to stay in my fifth floor walkup, but looking at my money situation, September is the last month that I can afford my rent. I need a less expensive place. It is depressing because I love Hell's Kitchen. I love my street. I love my restaurants and bars. I like the closeness I have to almost every major subway line and therefore the rest of New York City. So even though I know that saving money will make me happy, I feel a tinge of melancholy about leaving my adopted neighborhood. I moved into the walkup in January of 1998 and have had many ups and downs there (stair pun not intended)...I broke up with my ex in that apartment, I learned how to be single in Manhattan in that apartment, I watched the endless hours of September 11th coverage in that apartment. Still, it is only an apartment. It isn't mine and in a way it keeps me from being able to get my own place. I realize that once I move out and to New Jersey, that my life will drift away from Manhattan. I see my next step as moving to a beach community. I am more of a beach bum than an urban hipster. I'm not quite suburban though so therein lies the problem. If I move to a beach community, there goes the urban lifestyle. No more subway, instead I'll need a car. No more late night adventures, my nights will be much quieter. The hardest part will be that I will no longer be able to say that I live in Manhattan...that is something in which I take great pride. I've earned it...and I have certainly paid for it! Especially after last September. But bigger and better things are waiting...I hope they are anyway. I feel that they are. It scares me though that being from NYC has become such a part of my personality that I won't transition well to the outside world. I guess that shouldn't be a worry. I have really connected with a lot of people over the summer who don't live here and they all seem to function better than I do of late. So...that's that for now.


Tuesday, August 20, 2002
So, day two after vacation. My body is here but my brain is not. I seem to have a lot of issues to attend to that seem bigger than they actually are only because I really don't feel like spending the time to rectify/solve them. There are two guys who are fighting for my attention, although neither has any idea of the other and neither lives in NYC. You would think that would be easy but both want to see me this weekend. I know which one is good for me and which one spells disaster but the disaster one is a lot of fun...isn't that always the way?
I need to move. I need to therefore pack. I looked at an interesting apartment in the East Village yesterday and am considering it seriously. I'll come to that decision today. The alternative is to move to Edision NJ with a close friend. The rent in Hell's Kitchen has become prohibitive due to being underemployed of late.
Job. Still looking.
Computer at home. Died last night. Won't even start up. It sucks.
Health. Still have a burning sensation when I pee. All tests came back negative. Still no idea what it is three anti-biotics later...hmmmm.
Family. Actually miss them very much even after spending two solid weeks with them in a modest sized cottage. That is a good sign.

Okay...brain still on the beach so let's try this. I've seen it in a few places so I'm not going to credit that okay?

time: 12:12 pm
emotion: preoccupied
idol: I don't have one
voice: Sarah McLaughlin
dj: Danny Tenaglia
restaurant: Vyn*l (Hell's Kitchen)
designer: Donna Karan DKNY...her clothes fit me right and her colognes are fantabulous
easter candy: Peeps Chicks...preferably neon pink
artist: Dali
animal: not big on animals...dogs slightly nose out cats
cereal: Frosted Mini-Wheats...not bite size
nickname: At various times in my life I have been called the following: Mike,Binky, Skippy, Stinky, Mickey
television show: Six Feet Under, Star Trek Voyager
icon: None
soda: Classic Coke 20 oz
inspiration: the ocean at sunrise
painting: Dioxygalaneucleicacid - Dali (I think this is what it is hung for many years in the Bank of New England branch at the Prudential Center in Boston...I used to stop and look at it on my way home from work almost nightly...I have no idea what became of it)
clothing: jeans and a t-shirt
book: Right now... "The Art of Happiness" by the Dali Lama
author: Ayn Rand
food: Lobster
color: green
candy: Mike and Ike's Assorted Fruit Chews
drink: Summer...Apple martini with a splash of cranberry. Winter...Beer
movie: Party Girl
trio: "wha' ?"
nightclub: I used to love Twilo...not a nightclubber anymore tho.
cartoon: South Park
song: Right now - Music and Wine by Blue Six
Ever - Road, River and Rail by the Cocteau Twins
ice cream: Haagen Daz "Dulce de Leche"
underwear: 2(x)ist boxer briefs...incredible comfort and support...and now with a microfiber waistband.
church: if I walked into one, it would collapse.
sport: frisbee
sushi: anything but sea urchin
eggs: scrambled hard with black pepper, ketchup on the side
slurpee: none...don't like freezy headaches
breakfast: steak and eggs
hair color: light brown/dark blonde?
remixer: irrelevant
fruit: grapes
accessory: cock ring
watch: Nike
guilty pleasures: Kylie Minogue
children's book: There's a Monster at the End of this Book
wizard: I don't get this one?


Monday, August 19, 2002
Where did my fucking comments go? Arrgh.


I am back from vacation. It was wonderful. We had two weeks of uninterrupted sunshine. Two evenings of thunderstorms were the only "weather" we endured except for some strong seabreezes. I haven't been this tan since high school. Having grown up not far from Boston, I am used to the accent. Well I was. I felt a little alien though around everyone this I was a tourist, not a native New Englander. It has been over 6 years since I last lived there afterall. I guess my entire vacation can be summed up by the overweight woman with the over-processed hair who I overheard on my first day at the beach as she screeched..."Hey Ma! Come 'e-AH! The wad-DAH is wicked wom!" It took me a second to understand what she said. (translation: Mother, come here. The water is very warm.)


Friday, August 02, 2002
Just so you all know, I'll be away for two weeks on a family vacation. I'm going to Maine with my folks, sister and her family, brother and his family and me...the gay one. It is always enjoyable and he food is free. I will try to find an internet cafe of some sort to post but if not...have a great first couple of weeks of August...I'll be back soon enough.

Happy Trails!


Some random thoughts:

From Ricky:

"if that michael jackson lived next door to those fans and was not famous. lets say he looked exactly as he looks and lived next door to you - would you think he was ok? would you love him? hell the fuck no. you would be telling your kids not to go near that crazy white lady next door."

From Me:

- Why is it that when I buy iced coffee in the morning, I don't get the same caffeine rush I get with hot coffee. Starfuck's says that the iced coffee is brewed "double strength" but it just doesn't have the same effect. I had a cup this morning and well, I am jonesing for a cup of hot coffee. I guess cold coffee isn't the best method for delivering caffeine to the brain. My brain anyway.

- You all know that I love the hot weather. I guess it's due to all the rainy damp summers I had to endure as a kid followed by winters covered in snow with huge snowbanks and endless freezing temperatures. I can't get enough of the heat now. But there are some things I hate about hot days, mostly the things people

"Hot enough for ya?" (Why yes, thanks for is perfectly hellish. I appreciate your making it so hot for me.)

"These are the dog days of summer." (What?)

"Can you believe this heat?" (Why, has it lied in the past?)

"It doesn't get any hotter than this." (Thank you for your expert opinion)

"It's hot enough to fry an egg on the street." (...every summer someone has to actually try this one. Annoying.)

and.."I'm absolutely melting!" (I wish you would.)


Thursday, August 01, 2002

What Obscure Animal are you?

More on Fennecs Foxes:

* Fennecs Foxes are very very tiny and weigh about 3 pounds full grown!
* Proportionally they have the biggest ears of any Canine
* They live in deserts and are nocturnal, to avoid the heat
* They make really great pets... if you can cough up the 1000$ for one @_@;
* As pets they eat catfood and really like grapes.

Thanks to Jimbo


When I was a little kid, at the good old six room schoolhouse I went to from 1st to 3rd grades (it was so small we didn't have a cafeteria), I remember getting my first eye test. We all lined up in the hallway, wearing our little 70's outfits - I had a penchant for Bobby Brady-esque collarless, ribbed short-sleeved shirts with half zippers from the neck to right above the nipple line, especially if they had a ring pull on the zipper - and waited for the nurse to call us to look at the eye chart. Since my last name begins with Y, I was always the last to be called because in those days, it was all about alphabetical order. I stood at the back of every line I can remember until I met Beth Zahn. Anyway, waiting as I had to always made me very anxious, by the time it was my turn I was usually jumping out of my skin. I had to listen to the nurse telling people they were far-sighted, near-sighted, color-blind, etc., and since I had no idea what any of these were, I was sure they were dreaded diseases. I was sure that I had some horrible condition. Well, when it was finally my turn, the nurse made me face the eye chart, cover my right eye with my hand and read. I have always been blessed with excellent vision so I read the chart right down to the copyright line. She said very good...I was relieved...and asked me to now cover my left eye and read with my right eye. Well, everything was a big blur. I had apparently put to much pressure on my right eye while I was reading with my left eye. I told her I couldn't see anything...and panicked. As an adult I now know the look on her face was "great just what I need right now" but at the time I thought she was mad at me. This freaked me out further. I started to cry. She told me to calm down, take a minute and then try again. Naturally, everything came back into focus and I could see. As I look back at it now though, it was the beginning of my illustrious career as a drama queen.


I have a job interview this morning at 11:30. It could be a great job with good pay and benefits. I'm not actually nervous...I think I just have a heightened sense of the need to be on the ball. It has really pulled me out of my funk. The possiblity of getting my career back is elating my spirits. Wish me luck! (I'm sure I'll kick ass.)


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