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Carpe Mañana
Wednesday, November 28, 2001
I have been sending out my feelers and asking everyone about employment opportunities...a lot of people have asked me what it is I I figure I'll post the resume. If anyone has ANY leads whatsoever, send me an e-mail. (I'm looking for a supervisory or managing position)
Michael S. Young
New York, NY 10036


AXA Client Solutions, New York, NY 1998 – Present
E-Business Training Coordinator – Technology Solutions Group
- Organized and delivered multiple Train-the-Trainer sessions for 54 Regional Directors and 36 Technicians during the rollout of SMARTSolution (a Siebel Activity Tracking and Lead Management software package) and (AXA Client Solutions’ web portal)
Increased client web hits from 500 to 8000 per week
- Communicated initiatives to sales force at regional marketing and education seminars representing the Technology Solutions Group
- Updated and maintained training & reference materials including the AXAonline Reference Guide
- Developed and taught curriculum via Centra Symposium
- Instituted a departmental training calendar
- Monitored Communications department weekly to ensure accurate creation of training materials and recording of documentation
Client Communications Manager – Asset Retention
- Retained a case of $450,000 assets and several over $100,000 in the Momentum 401(k)
- Supervised a staff of three in this new department
- Initiated outreach to broaden and strengthen existing relationships with retirement plan sponsors, benefits managers and third party administrators
- Conducted on-going training of three department’s staff and management on Telemagic (a client management system)
- Created, developed and managed call campaigns including the production of all related correspondence, phone scripts and support literature
- Compiled metrics and maintained spreadsheets for direct reporting attainment of milestones to senior management

Chase Vista Global Mutual Funds, New York, NY 1997 – 1998
Mutual Funds Internal Wholesaler
- Instructed brokers on the finer points of our products and services
- Developed a database of market information to educate the brokerage community about market conditions and new sales ideas appropriate to those conditions
- Scheduled appointments, maintained calendar and executed monthly mail campaign for two territories
- Implemented product focus campaigns for each territory under the directive of the marketing department

C. S. Financial, New York, NY 1996
Retail Broker Trainee
- Identified potential investors, established relationships and generated new clientele
- Recommended appropriate investments as defined by each client’s needs, goals and specific financial situation
- Over-attainment of revenue goals in first quarter, brought in over $750,000 in new assets
- Acquired NASD Series 7 License

MFS, Boston, MA 1992 – 1996
Retirement Plan Sales Representative
- Targeted prospects and marketed a full line of retirement plan products in the Western Region
- Evaluated the needs of each potential client and made specific plan recommendations
- Increased sales by 25% per quarter over four consecutive quarters
- Guided the set-up and implementation of each new plan with a structured conference call
- Conducted enrollment sessions and employee education meetings for groups of five to fifty
- Acted as Client Relationship Manager regarding technical aspects of previously established 401(k) plans
Senior Correspondence Representative
- Responded to inquiries from clients, accurately and appropriately, regarding various investment matters
- Communicated with shareholders, brokerage firms, banks and law offices via written and telephone responses
- Key departmental contact for correction and distribution of 5500 tax forms and other IRS matters
- Responded to inquiries from clients, accurately and appropriately, regarding various investment matters
- Communicated with shareholders, brokerage firms, banks and law offices via written and telephone responses
- Resolved unique client issues in conjunction with Compliance department
- Trained new employees and cross trained other department members
- Demonstrated the DST Correspondence system to potential DST clients on a monthly basis

Keystone Investor Resource Center, Cambridge, MA 1991
Senior Retirement Plans Specialist
- Conducted classroom and on the job training for new hires
- Clarified IRS regulations to plan clients and sponsors
- Provided information on investment options and mutual fund performance for Keystone Qualified Plans
- Serviced plan participants and brokers via telephone

The Putnam Companies, Boston, MA 1989 – 1990
Retirement Plans Specialist
- Designed, wrote and edited an interdepartmental retirement plan training manual
- Responsible for educating 403(b) sponsors on the rules and calculation of the Exclusion Allowance
- Organized and taught training classes for both new and existing employees
- Fielded inquiries about investment options and ERISA regulations pertaining to all Putnam Prototype Retirement Plans


Merrimack College, North Andover, MA 1984 – 1988
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (BSBA) Awarded May 1988
Major: Management Minor: German
Recipient of the Samway/O’Connor Scholarship and a four year Independent Scholarship

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Munich, Germany 1986 – 1987
Participated in a three-semester foreign study program concentrating in the field of German language and cultural studies, which included a cultural seminar at the Humbolt University – East Berlin


Berlitz Language School, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 2000 – 2001
English Instructor – Part Time
- Taught adult students of all competency levels from around the world
- Instructed a rotating roster of students in a “one on one” lesson setting
- Promoted to group instructor for a class with a maximum enrollment of ten students from ten separate nations

Mez, Co., New York, NY 1998 – Present
- Freelanced as design consultant
- Won contract and successfully executed the design of a background used in the movie Hit and Runway
- Contracted to design and execute draperies & accessories used in the movie Oxygen


Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor
NASD Series 6 License
German Language
Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, SnagIt, Internet Literate


Thursday, November 22, 2001
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

Ahhh, Thanksgiving! Christmas without the hassle of shopping for presents. My favorite holiday. I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to complain about but since this is Thanksgiving Day, I'll focus on the stuff that makes my life worth living. Don't worry, I'm not going to list them. That would be boring. I think we all know the big is what everyone is thinking...I'm thankful that I am gay. I really am. It has given my life a slant that just doesn't even exist in the worlds of my siblings and parents. I am so happy that I am not straight. I never want that curse upon my soul. The treachery of not understanding the basic needs, wants and desires of the person you are sleeping with/living with/married to because they are of the opposite sex is something I never want to experience. They walk around completely confused. Even though men can be really shitty assholes (and a few I've slept with have HAD really shitty assholes...urgh!) at least I understand their motives and have pulled half of the shit I have had pulled on me. Just one question though...why my brother's new girlfriend has been so readily accepted into my family after only a month of dating my brother whilst my former boyfriend of 7+ years never was accepted into the family is beyond me. It's a conspiracy I tell you. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm not a part of that straight conspiracy hands are clean! And this is what I am thankful for. (?)

Buy me a magazine rack kids coz after a week with my family I've got issues! Can you tell?


Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Unforgettable...or am I?

March - 1991. I was living in Boston, single and dating. One night I met this guy named Bill. He was nice, handsome, great body, good sense of humor and seemed interested in me. We dated a few times. Obviously had sex (we are speaking about me here) and spent quite a few hours getting to know each other. That May, I went out with Bill one Saturday evening for dinner and dancing and we ended up back at his place. I stayed over and remember quite vividly that I felt really strongly for this guy. I can see his apartment still and have a clear picture of leaving his place that morning. It was rainy and cool. I had to drive to my parents' neck of the woods to meet up with my family since this particular May Sunday morning was Mother's Day and we were taking my mother out for brunch. Bill worked at a restaurant called Jackson's. By chance, that is exactly where my sister had made the reservation for our brunch with mom. Bill was scheduled to work that morning. (Can you see where this is going?) At this point, I wasn't officially out to my family although there was speculation. As we sat at the table who came over to announce he would be our server that morning? Bill. It was strange but fun to have him waiting on my family and throwing glances and winks at me, brushing his hand against mine as he was serving the food, and calling me by name with no explanation to the rest of my family. I only saw Bill a few times after that and it fizzled. I moved to LA that November never to see him again. I actually haven't thought about him for years.

November - 2001 I am visiting my parents to celebrate various events...naturally for Thanksgiving but also for my parents 40th wedding anniversary and my mother's birthday. Sunday evening I had made plans to visit with my friend Ed. We decided to go to Avalon to hear my friend Darrin spin. We took along Ed's friend Adam (who, it turns out, is surprisingly hunky). At one point, tired of dancing and the remarkably loud music, we decided to sit and chat. The lounge area (done over since I was last at Avalon) has an airport/Logan's Run/Space 1999 kind of white vinyl padded seating extravaganza sort of feel to it. All very Moonbase Alpha if you know what I mean. Anyway, the three of us sit down and proceed to chat. As we were sitting, I noticed this guy standing up to our left. I mentioned to Ed, "I know that guy." and my mental wheels started spinning. Moments later, he leans over to us and says..."You all look the same. Where are you from?" Well, we don't look the same. Ed is a redhead. I'm 6 ft and light brown and Adam is shorter and darker. This guy was obviously drunk. At that moment though I remembered...this was Bill. Looking very buff I might add. I said to him, "I know you." Blank stare on his face. "How?" he said. I said, "We used to date...back in 1990 or 1991." Blank stare on his face. I began to recite details from his life circa 1991 and his blank stare turned into a look of horror. "How do you know all that?" he said. "We dated for a few months, Bill.", I said. The fact that I knew his name freaked him out. Anyway, we ended up talking for a while but he never did remember anything about me. He didn't even have any recollection of the story of waiting on me on Mother's Day although he did remember working at that restaurant. He did say that he thought I was handsome and he said because of that it was plausible that we did date but all memory of me was lost. So, I guess I'm somewhat forgettable. I gave him my phone number and asked him to call if he was ever in New York, but since he was rather drunk on Sunday night, he'll probably pull the number out of his pocket later this week and think, "Who was this guy?" I'll be lost to history once again.


Thursday, November 15, 2001
Dark and Drippy

Something really strange is happening outside. I can't put my finger on it. It's kind of dark and it looks like the street is slightly moist. I can't see the sun. Hmmm. OH! I remember now, this is called "rain"! It's "raining" outside. Oh how novel. I can't remember the last time it rained. I don't even know where my "umbrella" is. I wonder who arranged for this to happen. Very thoughtful to throw a little variety into the mix. But as I type the skies are already brightening. The weatherman says that it will be bright, sunny and warm for the remainder of the day and for the entire weekend. Oh well.


Wednesday, November 14, 2001
I'm listening...

We all know that some guys are size queens, some like leather, some have a foot fetish...well, I have a thing for ears. It's strange I know, but I get really turned on by a guy's ears. They have to be relatively large, somewhat fleshy and flat to the head to grab my attention. I noticed it today. I was walking from 5th Avenue to 9th Avenue on 42nd Street and for some reason, there were a lot of really attractive ears attached to the men I was passing. It got a little weird because I started to get a little aroused along the way. The thing that bothers me is that it's all about the ears. The guy attached to them means nothing. He could be as ugly as the elephant man, but I could still lust after his ears if they are what I consider attractive. Unfortunately, both of the guys I am dating right now do not have ears that turn me on, so I have to go elsewhere to get my visual ear kicks. Sadly, colder weather is coming and people will begin to cover their ears with hats and earmuffs depriving me of my free aural show. So, I'll do my usual and watch people remove their hats when they enter a building to get my dose of ear sightings.


Monday, November 12, 2001
Delayed Reaction

A plane hit Queens. Once again I found myself surrounded by my fellow New Yorkers in a public place with mouths agape staring at a television screen. Once again smoke was rising from Gotham, this time one of the nerves are frazzled. Not terrorism is the official word. But engines don't normally fall off of aircraft. It's kind of important that they remain attached. One would assume that there are redundant supports and attachments to keep the engines on the wing. Sounds like foul play to me. I think I might be paranoid. The major problem with this is that Manhattan is still under the flight paths of all of the airports. I watch the planes fly over every day and every night.

Houston, I think we have a problem...


Rules of the Road

Seems as though the tourists have heeded all the advice of the president and Mayor Guilliani and have come back to play (read: get in the way) in New York. My hunch is that they are taking advantage of extremely favorable pricing on hotels and flights. It probably has little to do with supporting New York City and its citizens, I mean, is it just me or doesn't anyone else recall that before September 11th the city of New York and its populace was pretty much universally reviled by the rest of America? Den of sin, etc. Remember how the federal govt basically said "Fuck you" in the 70's when New York City asked for a bailout to keep from going bankrupt? Also, I used to live in Boston...I know what you all think of New York. How come suddenly all the comraderie? It seems insincere almost. Come on, let's work on returning to "normalcy' (a word I detest). I want to hear Bostonians complain about how horrible New York is again as only the crotchety, holier than thou citizenry of Boston can do. Bring it on, bitches! Bring it on!
Anyway, if you do come to New York City from the US hinterlands, keep in mind:
Your ample asses take up lots of precious sidewalk space. Please refrain from walking four abreast.
The sidewalk speed limit is: eight times faster than the lathargic ambling pace you have adopted...pick up the pace already!
It's called a sideWALK, not a "side stand motionless in a big tourist clump and look around while blocking everyone else's progress".
Stay to the fucking right!
If there are no cars coming, cross the friggin' street you idiotic tourist moron!
Get out of my fucking way!
Where the fuck are you going?!
How come your kids are so fucking fat? What do you feed these kids?
Sorry, had a flashback to yesterday.
It's not that hard. There are lots of people who live here. Keep in mind, you are an observer, stay to the side and let the world go by.


Sunday, November 11, 2001

Think twice next time you decide to launch into a discussion about the Marshall plan with an opinionated Frenchman who has an advanced business degree and a background in European economics. A. It becomes a frustrating argument almost immediately, B. He loses all respect for your opinion, and C. You lose the debate.


Wednesday, November 07, 2001
Okay kids, I haven't been blogging that much. I guess being unemployed has kept me preoccupied. Last Friday, Ricky was in town and we got together for lunch, coffee and drinks. Ricky is such an amazing guy. He's originally from New York but has spent the last few years living the life in San Francisco. There is talk that he'll be moving back to the right coast sometime soon. I'm looking forward to it because I think we'll be really good friends for a long time. I got to meet his friend Jating...also really nice, funny and great to spend time with.
I'm balancing things, Guy, Scott, being unemployed, working out, looking for a job, and deciding about my future. I feel like I have less time now that I'm not working than I did when I was working. It is weird. Time seems to fly by now. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the days are so short now, but time is really fleeting.
I've been invited to go to France to spend time with Guy in December since he won't be able to be in New York for the whole month. I'm thinking about it. I'm afraid to fly right now and I'm not sure if I should be spending my much needed money on something like a vacation but I do have the time and it would be nice to see Guy in his natural environment. We'll see.
The sun is starting to set and I think I want to take a walk before it goes down. It's warm today so I should take advantage of it.
Not the best post but at least it's an update.


Sunday, November 04, 2001
What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Would you cluck like a chicken?
Would you kiss my wet rose?

Who asked you anyway.


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